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Share your experience

Share your experiences with others so that the community of nonprofits can benefit from your knowledge, experience and opinions.

Who can write?

Volunteers who have a message for nonprofits, Nonprofit Organisations, students or anyone else with something to say about volunteer recruitment, engagement, and/or management.

What to write?

  • Your wonderful experiences, tips, your thoughts, interviews of behind the scene people, about upcoming events …
  • Try to limit your guest submissions to approximately 500 words.
  • Include Photos/Videos relevant to the post. If you obtained it from the Internet, include its source so we can publish it. If photo/video is yours, the upload and send the details.
  • Dont forget to include the Title of the Blog
  • Please do not include any comments related to politics, religion or caste. Do not use negative language, constructive crticism are welcomed.
  • Finally, dont forget to include your details like Name, Email etc. And provide short description abour yourselves that will be displayed on the blog.


Just prepare your blog and send us through the mail We will review your blog and if all looks good then we will post it immediately on our blogging site

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Interested in joining our team to administrator the blog for Smile4Dreams? Just drop us a mail, we will contact you.

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